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While visiting Flores, you will notice many cultural difference, also in matters of behaviour. Visitor who respect the local customs and traditions will receive hearthwarming hopitality – from their Indonesian host and get an unforgettable travel experience. It is therefore an advantage if you consider some basic cultural dos and don’ts for Flores:

Dress Conservatively! For female travelers, it is highly advisable to dress conservatively – a shirt covering the shoulder and lower body garment to the knees – especially when visiting village and cultural object. Unless you are on a dive boat or on one of the Labuanbajo’s beaches or or island frequently visited by tourist you should wear more than just a bikini to swim. Please consider that it is inappropriate for men and woman to hange clothes in the same place.

Smile a lot! Florenese people are friendly and smile…Probably smile change everything. Smile is an indicator for friendliness. Arrogant visitors who do not respond to smile or greetings will find it hard to get close to the local people.

Reduce the use of your left hand! Use your right hand for bringing food to your mouth as well as to pass and receive things. The left hand being used to wash after going to the bathroom, is considered dirty. Try to avoid passing food and money, as well as shaking hands or touching people with left hand as it will be considered offensive.

Avoid touching men, woman or even children’s head as well, as this is consider offensive.

You are safe traveling in Flores. But please note on mind that crime can happened everywhere. Please do not let all goods unattentioned in public areas and make sure your valuable things are well stored. Crime can happen due to there is opportunity to do so…..

Last is the most important….

Indonesian government is strictly forbid narcotict for the citizen and for those who travel to Indonesia. So, do not ever keep or bring narcotics or any other drugs. Narcoticts and all kind of addictive drugs will bring to mortal penatly


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